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Why Use Franklin Exchange?

Learn More About Jeff Simmons

The owner of Franklin Exchange, Jeff Simmons, is certified to appraise all your gold, silver, and guns. You can trust him to be fair and honest, giving you the best price possible for your gold, silver, and guns.

He is licensed to purchase and ship firearms under the Federal Firearms License, and follows all guidelines established by the ATF. He belongs to and submits to the Texas Gun Collectors Association and is licensed by the state of Texas to carry a handgun.

Jeff carries the certificates and licenses for local, state, and federal requirements for buying and selling gold, silver, guns, and ammo in the state of Texas:
  • FFL - #5-76-245-01-6F-04003
  • OCCC - #0101416
  • TDA – 0615194
  • City of Beaumont Permits - # 2011-06
We'll take all the required precautions with all your gold, silver, and handguns. We support our troops and local law enforcement agencies.

Franklin Exchange Is a Member of and Affiliated With

  • Gulf Coast Knife Club
  • Texas Association of Business
  • Beaumont Chamber of Commerce
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Franklin Exchange is a family-owned and operated business!
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