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We Give the Best Value for Your Bullions

Franklin Exchange buys silver bullion, gold bullion, and other precious metals in Beaumont, TX and the other Texas communities. We have experienced traders to provide you with competitive prices, narrow margins, and a great customer service.

Franklin Exchange has vast knowledge and expertise, close spreads, and rapid delivery, offering you a level of service that's unsurpassed in the industry. Rely on us to manage a two way market in the industry for coins, grain, and bars.

A Large Selection of Rare Coins

Are you passionate about collecting coins? Visit us today! We'll work with you to locate that rare coin you're looking for and complete your coin collection.

We also buy a wide variety of rare coins and provide you with the fairest prices in the area. If you have some rare coins which you want to sell, bring them to us for a FREE appraisal. We'll tell you their actual worth! We can also help you sell your entire coin collection. Call us today at 409-554-8186 or to schedule an appointment!

Trade in Your Coins and More

  • Gold and silver coins
  • Bullion
  • Rarity collections
Call us for FREE verbal appraisals!
Get in touch with us to learn about the different types, metal qualities, and original eras. And you'll be surprised at how much your coins are worth!
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